There are times where we find ourselves at a dead end, asking ourselves: "What if..."

What if I stayed... what if I didn't take the move... what if I handled the situation differently...

Today I find myself at that very same crossroad, but am not asking the question: "What if..." instead I am asking: "What is God holding in for me next?"

This year I found doors opening, job opportunities coming in one after another and even such great times that our family decided to build our first house. What started off to be a great year is yet to get even better. In a very short period of time the job opportunities ended. The company I choose to grow with did not work out. The house we are building ended up 40% more than budgeted. New opportunities I am chasing closes one after another. The question now is: "What is next..." This journey is about to start - I invite you to follow me as I enter into the next phase of our life journey.